23 December 2009, Wednesday, 16:40

3D-model of Salavat Ulaev Monument is made

author: Alfia Agliullina

The Salavat Ulaev Monument in Ufa has its 3D-copy now. The laser scanning of the monument was made by joint decision of Ministry of culture and national politics RB and the federal state unitary enterprise “URALGEOINFORM” within the frames of works on preservation of historical and cultural heritage, the site of “URALGEOINFORM” reports.

The result of the project allows making the high-accuracy analogue of the monument and that gives the opportunity to hold a detailed monitoring of its technical condition in case of either reconstruction or restoration works. Besides, the laser scanning of architectural constructions and monuments helps to fill up the real electronic catalogue of high-accuracy digital models, made for preservation of historical and cultural heritage of Russian cities.

The monument’s scanning was made by two specialists in the course of one day. The scanning density made five millimeters. On the base of the obtained data the 3D-model of the whole monument was made.

The sculpture of Salavat Ulaev is considered the biggest horse statue in the country. Its height reaches 9,8 meters and the weight  - 40 tons. Well-known sculptor, national painter of North-Ossetia and Bashkiria Soslanbeck Tavasiev is the project’s author. The monument to the national hero of Bashkortostan Salavat Ulaev was opened on November 17, 1967.