22 December 2009, Tuesday, 11:35

The committee of directors of JSC “NEFAZ” approved the plant’s business-plan

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The committee of directors of JSC “NEFAZ” approved the business-plan for 2010 and considered the plant’s work balance in 2009.

The parameters of the business-plan anticipate commercial and technical-economic indices at the level of 2009 but in case the situation in the motor-car market changes for the better, the plant has all possibilities to increase the output.

For ten months 2009 the volume of shipped off output, goods and services made 4,253 billion rubles – by 4% more than it was previously planned. But if comparing this index with the same period of time in 2008, this volume makes just 44%. The expected volumes of shipped off output by the end of the year have to make at least 5% to the last year level and as the specialists say, taking the present situation in Russian motor-car construction into account, this index is not bad.

The losses in the first quarter of the year made 163 million rubles but by the totals of ten months 2009 the losses were reduced to 68 million rubles. The volumes of production and output shipment, increased in November-December 2009, allow finishing this year without losses.

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