16 December 2009, Wednesday, 13:57

The Day of Bashkir culture to be held in Nizhnevartovsk

author: Marina Shumilova

The Day of Bashkir culture will be held in Nizhnevartovsk on December 19 and it is traditionally organized by the city Bashkir public organization “The cultural-enlightener society “DUSLYK” and by the city national cultures Center.

The Day of Bashkir culture is held in Nizhnevartovsk for already the ninth year. Bashkirs are one of the most numerous national communities in the city (about 40 thousand people). Our compatriots, living in the north, don’t break their national bonds with Bashkortostan and strive for preservation of their national roots and identity, studying Bashkir language and carefully preserving Bashkir national culture and traditions.

The festival of Bashkir culture with participation of local folk art collectives will take place in Nizhnevartovsk on Saturday in the national cultures Center.