15 December 2009, Tuesday, 16:39

Memorial Day of Professor Achmet-Zaki Validi Togan to be held in Istanbul

author: Akhat Salikhov

General Secretariat of the international Turk culture organization TURKSOY and the Institute of Eurasia under Istanbul University intend to organize the memorial day of Professor, Doctor Achmet-Zaki Validi Togan on December 21, 2009. The Doctor’s daughter, Professor Isenbike Togan and his student Gulchin Chandarlyogly expected to take part in the action too.

The film “I’d write the history on stones” (produced by Achmet Yakupov, the screenplay by Ulay Gainetdinov), shot in 2002 by Bashkir BST TV-channel, will be demonstrated within the frames of the action.

themes: memory