14 December 2009, Monday, 18:40

Rail Sarbaev: “Start-up programs justified our hopes”

author: Elvira Latypova

The Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev estimated realization of “start-up” programs at today’s meeting of Government RB.

“Almost 1800 new workplaces were opened just by one direction of the “start-up” program” – he said – “Providing well-paid work for every worker we thus support the whole family”.

If the whole small and medium business support program is meant for assimilation of 1,8 billion rubles, so 116 million rubles was spent for business start-up. Since April 2009 406 business beginners have received averagely 286 thousand rubles each.

In the whole flow of businessmen, having received the start-up state aid, the share of production and processing made 33,9%, agricultural direction – 31%, services – 28,4%. These three directions were chosen as the prior activities for “start-up” in accordance with the program.