14 December 2009, Monday, 15:45

Rail Sarbaev: “Everyone could take part in life-saving of the kids with congenital heart diseases”

author: news-service of Government RB

The results of the charitable action “Touch the child’s heart” were ventilated on December 14 at the operative meeting, headed by the Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev.

“In the course of the action citizens RB and Republican organization collected about 10 million rubles. One operation costs about 200 thousand rubles and now about 50 kids can be saved” – the Prime-Minister reported.

Our Republic supported the action in this year, initiated by famous cardio-surgeon, the President of “National Health League” Leo Bokeria.

“Congenital heart disease can be healed and operated patients are able to live with full-fledged life. Thanks to this initiative everyone could take part in life-saving of the kids” – Rail Sarbaev said.