14 December 2009, Monday, 14:13

Sviridov’s Days to be held in Bashkortostan

author: Elmira Sabirova

December in Bashkortostan is traditionally the time for holding the Sviridov’s Days, dated to the birthday of the famous Russian composer and piano-player George Sviridov. In 2009 the Days will be held with assistance of Ministry of culture and national politics RB and Bashkortostan’s Russian Congress executive committee. The Days will be opened in the town of Birsk, where the composer lived and created during the Great Patriotic War. The Days will be over on December 17 in Ufa, the National Library by Achmet-Zaki Validi, where the exhibition, devoted to art and life of George Sviridov is to be opened. Sviridov’s music will be played same evening by “Oscar-Ensemble” and the chorus of Ufa State Academy of Arts by Zagir Ismagilov.

themes: festivals