09 December 2009, Wednesday, 14:09

Social-economic development of Bashkir trans-Ural is under discussion in Sibay

author: Elvira Latypova

Social-economic development of Bashkir trans-Ural became the topic of the Republican gathering, held in the town of Sibay today under chairmanship of the Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev.

Heads of several Republican ministries and departments, local administrations and directors of trans-Ural enterprises are taking part in the meeting. They are talking about situation in real sector of economics in trans-Ural zone and about work with the families, found in a difficult living situation. Provision of fire safety is also stands on the agenda.

Nine regions and one city district form the economic zone of Bashkir trans-Ural and 12% of population of the region live here.

The share of trans-Ural zone in overall volume of the shipped output in Bashkortostan makes 4,7% and the share of housing, put into operation – 9,3% of the all-Republican volume. The share of agricultural gross product is 11,8%.