07 December 2009, Monday, 11:43

Situation in the labor market of Bashkortostan is stable

author: Elvira Latypova

The number of unemployed people, registered by the Republican employment service bodies, is coming down since April. A slight growth was registered only in October and November.

On January 1, 2009, the level of registered unemployment made 1,5% of economically active population. On April 1 it has grown up to 2,5%. On December 1 this index reduced to 1,9%. It is clear that in spite of the problems in financial and economic spheres we managed to avoid the aggravation of the situation in the labor market RB.

In opinion of Fidus Ymaltdinov – the deputy Prime-Minister of Government RB, Minister of labor and population social protection RB – this is the result of successful functioning of two Republican programs – the program for assistance to population employment in 2007-2009 in Republic of Bashkortostan and the Republican program of additional arrangements for lowering of the intensity in the labor market RB in 2009. The volume of funding for the first program is 1,98 billion rubles and for the second one – almost 792 million rubles.

The bank of job vacancies is growing too. At the beginning of the year it contained the data about 10,5 thousand free work vacancies. On December 1 the bank contained 13 thousand vacancies. Correspondingly the coefficient of intenseness in the labor market comes down too. On December 1 it was equal to 3.