04 December 2009, Friday, 17:23

Production of high-performance bio-fuel is mastered in Kumertau

author: Galya Nabieva

The company “Bashkir food factory” mastered production of fuel briquettes, obtained from buckwheat husk. The main direction in activity of the company is processing of vegetables but in the process of clearance and sorting specialists faced the problem of large volumes of waste. The enterprise purchased the equipment, which pressed the buckwheat husk into briquettes. The buckwheat bars with the section 50x50mm and 30cm long are packed into the shrinkable film and every package consists of 18 briquettes.

This bio-fuel has many pluses. Specialist of the company Olga Belik says the buckwheat briquettes don’t evolve sulfur during combustion. The combustion temperature remains constant during five-seven hours. The new fuel possesses high fuel efficiency: 4310 kilocalories per one kilogram. Just for comparison: firewood gives 2690 kilocalories of heat and brown coal – 4500. The fuel burns down practically completely.

At present time the company produces 80 tons of buckwheat briquettes annually and local population uses these briquettes as the fuel for their ovens.