04 December 2009, Friday, 11:47

Five credit institutions RB entered the rate of the biggest Russian banks

author: Ravil Ramazanov

RBK agency published the rate of 500 biggest Russian banks by their work balance for nine months of 2009. The banks of Bashkortostan hold five positions in the rate.

As it was expected, the first place belongs to the Russian Savings Bank. The value of its net wealth exceeds 7 trillion rubles. The bank “URALSIB” stands on the 13th position with 401 billion rubles of its assets. Unfortunately, for one year it moved two steps down and lost about 2% of its net wealth. “INVESTCAPITALBANK” holds the 196th line in the rate and “SOTSINVESTBANK” – the 213th line. One more bank of Ufa – “BASHCOMSNABBANK” stably holds the 289th place. The list of Bashkir banks is closed by “BASHINVEST” – the 313th place in the rate. As compared with the previous year “BASHCOMSNABBANK” climbed 43 places up. “INVESTCAPITALBANK” and “BASHINVEST” also improved their positions.

themes: rates, banks