02 December 2009, Wednesday, 10:43

Czech aircrafts will help to develop local airlines in Bashkortostan

author: Lubov Kolokolova

Transportations along local and regional airlines will be developed in Bashkortostan. The first such flight will connect Ufa with the capital of Bashkir Trans-Ural – the town of Sibay. The new 19-seat Czech aircraft L-410 UVP-E-20 has already arrived in Ufa to start working on the local airlines.

JSC “International airport Ufa” reports in the nearest future Bashkortostan will receive one more aircraft L-410. At present time four Ufa pilots are trained in Czechia, where the aircrafts are manufactured. The airports of Sibay and Neftekamsk are preparing themselves for work with the new machines now and the program of the flights, called to connect Ufa with the cities of Ural and Volga regions, is being worked up by the specialists of Ufa airport. The first test-flight by the Czech aircraft is planned in December and regular flights to Sibay will begin admittedly in March, 2010.