01 December 2009, Tuesday, 18:30

Expanded meeting of “United Russia” regional political council has taken place in Ufa

author: Marina Shumilova | photo: Andrey Starostin

The tasks of regional and local “United Russia” divisions on execution of the decisions of the XI party congress were under discussion in Ufa, the House of State Council RB. Delegates of the XI party congress, deputies of State Duma and State Council-Kurultay-RB, members of the Youth Public Chamber RB and activists of “United Russia Young Guardians” took part in the meeting.

Delegates of the XI congress took the floor and told about the actual tasks, set before the party for the nearest decade. Bashkortostan remains one of the core regions in Russian Federation and possesses high level of political and social-economic stability and all that allows solving many projects, initiated by the party.

“I can proudly say that many projects of the party were initiated in our Republic” – the chairman of State Council RB Constantine Tolkatchev said – “These are such projects as “Watching the world in colors”, “My Own House”, “Solid Family”, “Clear Water” and others.

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