01 December 2009, Tuesday, 12:11

The basic part of labor pensions is increased by 612 rubles

author: Galya Nabieva

Since December 1 the amount of the labor pension’s basic part is set in the sum of 2562 rubles. In November this sum was equal to 1950 rubles. Therefore the extra charge makes 612 rubles (31,4%) and this is already the fourth rise of labor pensions from the beginning of 2009.

For the pensioners, who are already 80, and for the invalids of the third degree the amount of the basic part is set in the sum of 512 rubles. The extra charge made 1224 rubles.

Pensions for the invalids of the Great Patriotic War, widows of servicemen, parents of the lost servicemen and for the invalids, rewarded with the sign “The citizen of blockaded Leningrad” are increased too.

“For pensions and other social payments Bashkortostan additionally needs 802 million rubles since December 1, 2009. These means in the Republic are present in quantum satis” – the member of Russian Pension Fund, the head of Russian Pension Fund Dept in Bashkortostan Foat Khantimerov reported.