30 November 2009, Monday, 11:24

Valorization in Bashkortostan will apply to about 940 thousand people

author: Galya Nabieva

According to preliminary estimations valorization in Bashkortostan will apply to about 940 thousand people and according to information of the Russian Pension Fund Bashkir division the average pension increase will make 1100 rubles.

The late annual Russian pension forum was devoted to re-estimation of the “Soviet” seniority and establishment of the social extra charge to pensions up to the subsistence wage level and the head of Russian Government Vladimir Putin indicated the prior directions in development of the national pension system there. The head of Russian Pension Fund division in Bashkortostan Foat Khantimerov also participated in the gathering.

The amount of the subsistence wage for pensioners in 2010 has been determined in Bashkortostan still in October – 3939 rubles.

Taking the regional pensions support measures into account about 115 thousand pensioners in Bashkortostan will get the right for social extra charge at the expense of the federal exchequer beginning from January 1, 2010. The amount of the extra charge will make from several rubles to two thousand rubles and more.

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