26 November 2009, Thursday, 14:15

Muslims celebrate the Day of Arafat

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

Muslims all over the world and first of all those, who are found on a hadj, are celebrating one of the most essential Islamic holidays today – the Day of Arafat.

The Day of Arafat falls on the ninth day of the month Zul-Hidja by the Muslim calendar and is connected with attendance of the Peak of Arafat by the hadj-missioners. This peak is considered holy in practically all world religions. According to the legend this is the place, where Adam and Eva have met after they had been expelled from the Paradise.

The visit to the Peak of Arafat this day is considered the obligatory and the main term of the hadj-mission and almost four million pilgrims gather in the peak’s valley during this festival. The authorities of Saudi Arabia insist that these mass crowds of people can be seen even from space.

The pilgrims stand in the valley till down and pray for forgiveness of their sins. It is considered the weight of good deeds in the Day of Arafat grows up many times as well as the weight of sins. The fast in the Arafat Day is considered the most important of those deeds, for which a Muslim can be rewarded from on high.