26 November 2009, Thursday, 11:45

Designs of Bashkir scientists find applications at Russian plants

author: Mariat Artuhova

The designs of Bashkir scientists are added to the arsenal by the enterprises of other Russian regions. Thus, the unit for hydrogen sulfide stripping from the viscosity breaking remains by the project of the Institute of oil-chemical processing RB is put into operation at the refinery in Ryazan.

The Institute’s news-service reports four new patents for invention have been obtained not long ago. Thus, the methods of oil remainder slow coking, processing of heavy oil remains, the unit for slow coking and the reactor for liquid-phase thermal cracking were patented.

It should be noted that the Institute of oil-chemical processing RB has become the finalist of the contest “100 best goods of Russia” for its low-freezing coolants.

themes: oil-chemistry