23 November 2009, Monday, 16:20

German specialist has serviced the unique equipment at “UMPO”

author: Lubov Kolokolova

As it is known, the unique equipment is installed in the engineering prototyping center of JSC “Ufa engine plant “(UMPO). This equipment allows making the 3D models of the most complicated details and joints of aviation engines. But for the action time of the center (more than 5 years) the mechanical part of the unit S-15, producing the sand cores for these models started to wear out.

The specialist of the German company “PROMETALL” Gunter Schonpflug visited JSC “UMPO” and fulfilled the program on restoration of the mechanical part of S-15 unit.

As specialists say, the usage of S-15 makes the time for mastering the production of gas-turbine engines’ details and joints much shorter and the equipment for prototyping at JSC “UMPO” is still considered unique and exists just in few specimens.