19 November 2009, Thursday, 17:48

19 families in Tuimazinsky region RB have celebrated house-warming

author: Elena Makushina | photo: Oleg Yarovikov

New cottages were put into exploitation on Thursday in the village AGIRTAMAK, Tumazinsky region of Bashkortostan and 19 families received the keys from new houses.

President of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rakhimov took part in the ceremony. The head of our region pointed to the symbolicalness of the fact that 19 young families received new cottages during the Youth Year in Russia and the Year for support and development of youth initiatives in Bashkortostan. House-building actively runs not just in Tuimazinsky region but all over the Republic and about two and a half million square meters of dwelling will be erected in 2009. Bashkortostan holds the fifth place in the country by the volumes of house-building and Republican leadership considers this branch the strategic priority of social-economic policy.