16 November 2009, Monday, 14:07

One more group of pilgrims left for hadj

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

One more group of Muslims left Ufa for the hadj over the holy places of Saudi Arabia today. The pilgrims will fly with “Turkish Airlines” from Ufa to Istanbul and further to Amman and from Jordan they’ll go to Mecca by buses.

85 people have chosen this route, offered by the tourist agency “AIRA-TOUR” this year. The General Director of “AIRA-TOUR” Maria Belyaeva reports the demand for this hadj-tour is kept at the last year level, though the number of people, wishing to visit the holy Muslim places, has become by approximately 100 people fewer this year, as compared with 2008, mainly because of the pig flu and the global financial crisis. The cost of the tour, offered by “AIRA-TOUR”, is 85 thousand rubles as minimum and many Muslims simply can’t afford to go to Mecca this year.

The deputy chairman of the Clerical Muslim Dept RB Aup Bibarsov reports about 350 Muslims from Bashkortostan will go to Mecca this year. At present moment the majority of them already left for the hadj. One more group of pilgrims will leave Ufa on October 19. The pilgrims will start coming home on December 6.

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