13 November 2009, Friday, 15:06

Rinat Sagitov: the questions, opened in Dmitry Medvedev’s Message are vitally important

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The deputy of State Duma Rinat Sagitov called the questions, opened in the Message of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to the Federal Assembly, vitally important.

“The first question, opened by the President, is the protection of family and health of our citizens” – the deputy said – “It is important that Russia President calls this direction the prior one. We have to admit the demographic situation in the country is far from ideal and the problem of our population’s health demand very close attention. I agree with Dmitry Medvedev that we have to undertake the measures for modernization of our schools because the majority of Russian schools really have the sorry sight and the future of the country directly depends on what education our youngsters receive.

President of Russia indicated several questions, directly related to Russian State Duma – the necessity to alter the existing laws and the question concerning reduction of taxes is also important. It is also important that in spite of all difficulties the state tries to fulfill its social obligations before people”.