12 November 2009, Thursday, 18:45

Michael Bugera: openness and transparency are the key moments of Russian President’s Message

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The deputy chairman of State Council state construction committee RB Michael Bugera called openness and transparency the key moments of the Russian President’s Message to the Federal Assembly.

“I’d defined these two moments as the Message’s slogan” – he said – “These words run through the whole text of the Message”.

As it is used here, transparency means openness of the state structures before the society. It will become a powerful factor, able to raise the efficiency of our state management system. The principle of openness is especially important in struggle with corruption in all state structures, including Russian courts and election procedures. Openness is also necessary in all actions of our political parties. This openness will help to raise the quality of the decisions reached and to attract oppositional parties to joint work, thus turning them from the mode of total criticism of everything, undertaken by the authority, to the mode of efficient interaction.