12 November 2009, Thursday, 13:52

The rise of ARVI morbidity rate is registered in the republic

author: Elena Makushina

Growth of ARVI morbidity rate is going on in Ufa. According to the Directorate of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights for RB, 57 000 people throughout the republic came down with ARVI over the period from November 2 to November 8, 67% of them is children aged up to 17 years. The morbidity rate has increased 2.4-fold.

As a result of this, plans of measures for the period of unfavourable epidemiologic situation are brought into action in a number of cities and regions. Apart from Ufa, such plans work in Oktyabrsky, Neftekamsk, Sterlitamak, Salavat and Buzdyak region.

27 300 people fell ill during the past week in Ufa, 17 900 of them are children aged up to 17 years. The illness of 40 people, 34 children among them, was diagnosed as influenza. The number of cases has exceeded the epidemic threshold 4.3 times

As of November 9, 15 laboratory-confirmed A (H1N1) influenza cases are registered in Bashkortostan, 10 of them are imported.

In order to strengthen measures against ARVI and influenza, Robert Takaev, the Chief State Doctor has signed the decree "About strengthening of measures against influenza and acute respiratory infections for the epidemiologic season of 2009-2010".