10 November 2009, Tuesday, 14:55

The budget of Obligatory Medical Insurance Fund RB will be increased by 23%

author: Nikolai Ermolenko

By the analogy with the budget RB-2010 the deputies specified the budget of the Obligatory Medical Insurance Fund at today’s meeting of State Council “budget” committee. The budget of the Fund is specified taking the subsidies from the federal Fund’s budget in the sum of one billion 732 million 130 thousand rubles and the subsidies from the budget RB at the rate of 646 million 731 thousand rubles into account. Taking the premises into account the revenue and the supply of the Fund’s budget will make 12 billion 521 million124 thousand rubles – by 23% more than it was planned before. The draft law “The budget of the Obligatory Medical Insurance Fund RB is passed in the first reading and sent to the State Council Presidium. The deputies hope the draft law will be included into the agenda of the November meeting and passed in the second and the third readings.