10 November 2009, Tuesday, 14:26

Deficit of budget RB-2010 will be increased for financing investment programs

author: Nikolai Ermolenko

The committee of State Council RB on budget, taxes, finances and property issues approved the proposals on budget corrections in 2010 at its today’s meeting. The alterations are explained by the necessity to specify the amounts of financial aid from the federal budget and in order to finance the investment programs.

“The overall sum of specifications, which are proposed to take into account in the budget revenues in 2010, will make up approximately 9 billion 911 million 900 thousand rubles and 12 billion 911 million 900 thousand rubles in the supply” – the first deputy Prime-Minister of Government RB, Minister of finances RB Airat Gaskarov reported – “Therefore the budget deficit is proposed to be increased by 3 billion rubles. After the expected alterations the overall volume of budget revenues in 2010 has to make 63 billion 745 million 522 thousand rubles and the volume of its supply – 76 billion 745 million 522 thousand rubles”.