10 November 2009, Tuesday, 11:31

Out-of-town realty prices go up

author: Olga Gorunova

Out-of-town realty prices started growing up this autumn. Thus, in September-October the average cost of one square meter in out-of-town cottages has grown up by 3,5% and by 1,7% — on land areas.

According to information of the realty agencies network “The Expert” the average price of one square meter on all cottages and townhouses made 26,3 thousand rubles for one square meter. This is 2,5% higher than two months ago but 7,7% lower than at the beginning of the year. Thus, the cheapest cottage with the area 65 square meters is sold at one million rubles and the most expensive cottage with the area 297 square meters is sold at 18 million rubles.

The cheapest ground area is sold at 100 thousand rubles (four hundred square meters) and the most expensive ground area costs 2,55 million rubles (180 square meters).

themes: realty