09 November 2009, Monday, 17:18

Russian businessmen studied experience of Austrian colleagues

author: Lubov Kolokolova

Delegation of Bashkir businessmen has visited Austria lately. The representative office of the all-Russian public organization “The Support of Russia” in Europe jointly with the Austrian-Russian business association was the initiator of this trip. More than 40 people from ten Russian regions took part in this tour of Russian businessmen “for technologies to Europe”.

The acquaintance with Austrian experience in sphere of small and medium business development in agriculture, food industry and in sphere of alternative power-engineering and energy saving was the main goal of the visit.

As the international department of “The Support of Russia” reported, the forum “Agriculture and alternative power-engineering: Austrian experience and possibilities for Russian business” has taken place within the frames of the forum and representatives of both the authority and business took part in it.

In the course of the visit participants of the delegation became acquainted with the active Austrian programs for support of agriculture and alternative power-engineering, with the instruments of agriculture financing, with the mechanisms for support of small and medium business undertakings and also with the investment abilities of Austria.

Members of the delegation also visited the leading Austrian enterprises, working in sphere of agriculture and food industry and in sphere of alternative power-engineering.