09 November 2009, Monday, 16:39

Youth Public Chamber of the second convocation under State Council RB is formed

author: Nikolai Ermolenko

The third stage of the contest to the Youth Public Chamber under State Council RB is over and today its last 15 members were determined. As it was already reported, the members of the Youth Public Chamber, earlier approved by the State Council-Kurultay-RB, held the interlocution with 25 candidates – representatives of youth and children’s public communities, having successfully passed the second stage of the contest, and candidatures of 15 pretenders were approved.

Those ten delegates, who failed to collect the necessary number of votes, will form the reserve of the Youth Public Chamber and will be attracted to its work in case of emergency.

The Top 15 includes representatives of the Youth Council of the World Bashkir Kurultay executive committee, “United Russia Young Guardians”, “The Communist Youth Community”, the Bashkir Youth Union RB, the Tatar Youth Union “AZATLYK”, “Bashkir Pioneers” and several other organizations.