08 November 2009, Sunday, 13:25

Clerical Muslim Dept RB raises education level of its pedagogues

author: Eugene Rakhimkulov

The Clerical Muslim Dept RB has held attestation of its pedagogues on Islamic basics and Arab language under the Bashkir mosques. In total complexity 17 pedagogues from seven regions of Bashkortostan have been attested.

The deputy chairman of the Central Clerical Muslim dept RB Ruslan Sayakhov reports the majority of the attested have higher secular education.

The Clerical Muslim Dept RB pays special attention to the education level of its pedagogues and imams and this attestation is already the third. Along with the attestation the Dept holds the field refresher courses for the imams of the remote Bashkir regions, who can’t arrive in the capital of Bashkortostan to join the courses. Thus, the regular extension courses for imams will start working in Ufa in December in the madrasahs by Miriam Sultanova and “GALYA”.

themes: religion