08 November 2009, Sunday, 13:59

Delegation from Bashkortostan will be one of the most numerous at the XI congress of “United Russia”

author: Marina Shumilova

Bashkir regional division of the political party “United Russia” is considered one of the largest organizations in the country. At present time the division includes more than 68 thousand members of the party and at the forthcoming XI congress one of the most numerous delegations will be from our Republic (18 participants).

3262 primary cells work in local divisions of the party and 136 primary “United Russia” organizations were established in Bashkortostan just in 2009. At the October municipal elections 88,6% of pollers have voted for “United Russia and more than 9 thousand deputies work in the representative bodies of the Republic today, being either the members of “United Russia” or its adherents.

themes: parties