06 November 2009, Friday, 16:05

President RB rewarded the best toilers

author: Elvira Latypova | photo: Oleg Yarovikov

The best toilers of agriculture were honored in the Republic House today. Heads of big farmings and machinists, engineers and milkmaids, agronomists and drivers, zootechnicians and foremen – President of Bashkortostan marked the labor of every of them with high state awards.

“I consider the Day of agriculture and processing industry workers our main holiday” – the head of the Republic said – “Great thanks for your hard work”.

President RB mentioned the year was far from ideal but in spite of all difficulties the Bashkir agrarians managed to achieve good results. Many indices were at the level of last year. No record grain harvest was observed this year but it didn’t matter. “What we’ve harvested is quite enough” – President of Bashkortostan said.

President RB urged agrarian to treat the lands more carefully.

“We have enough land in Bashkortostan to increase our agricultural production at least ten times but we have to use our treasures wisely” – he said. President of Bashkortostan has underscored the life in the countryside is becoming better and the regions of our Republic become more even by the level of social infrastructure development. Modern schools, hospitals and social-cultural centers are erected everywhere and it is possible only under the terms of economic stability.

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