05 November 2009, Thursday, 16:48

The site of Russian Communist Party’s Bashkir division is one of the most interesting

author: Marina Shumilova

The new site of the Russian Communist Party’s Bashkir division www.bashkort-kprf.ucoz.ru, opened no long ago, is considered one of the most rapidly developing sites of the party. The site held the 27th position in the last rate of CPRF regional sites, weekly composed by the Russian political culture research Center. 65 sites took part in the monitoring. The activity of internet-sites of the party was estimated on two criteria – the quality of the site updatable data and attendance. The site of CPRF Bashkir division was estimated as one of the sites, where the information was updated the most frequently.

The site contains the information about activity of the regional division of the party, including the fraction of CPRF in the State Council-Kurultay-RB. There is the internet page of the newspaper “Bashkortostan’s Communist” here, the video-topics “The Rd TV”, photo-albums etc.