05 November 2009, Thursday, 9:17

“Pandeflu” successfully passed the first stage of clinical tests

author: Elvira Latypova

Processing of the protocols of the state tests for the vaccine “Pandeflu” against the virus A/H1N1, manufactured by the enterprise “IMMUNOPREPARAT” from Ufa, is going on at the scientific-research flu institute of Russian Academy of medical sciences in Saint-Petersburg. The first stage of the clinical tests is over and it is expected the vaccine will show high efficiency during the tests with volunteers. The enterprise “IMMUNOPREPARAT” has to manufacture at least five million doses of the vaccine “Pandeflu” till the end of the year and industrial production of this vaccine, meant for mass immunization of Russian population, will be continued in 2010.

The news-secretary of “IMMUNOPREPARAT” Guzelle Ususpova reports the collective of the enterprise is working in two shifts. The quality of the vaccine is thoroughly tested in the biological and technical control department of the enterprise. After receiving all permissive documents the enterprise will start deliveries of the vaccine to the regions of Russia. The scientific consultant of the enterprise’s anti-flu shop Michael Puchkarev says that beginning from the next epidemic season the antigen against the virus A/H1N1 will be included into the staff of the trivalent vaccine against seasonal flu.