04 November 2009, Wednesday, 12:26

Two exhibitions titled "Beauty and Health" and "Textile and Fashion" have opened in Ufa

author: Elvira Latypova | photo: Rafil' Sahabutdinov

Two exhibitions at once have opened in Ufa Neftyanik Palace of Culture: the 17th specialized exhibition fair "Beauty and Health" and the 10th jubilee specialized exhibition fair "Textile and Fashion".

150 enterprises and organizations from 22 Russian regions represent their expositions.

People like these exhibitions because they offer an opportunity to get acquainted with fresh ideas of fashion designers and to replenish wardrobe. Prices are set by manufactures themselves, so there is usually brisk trade going on at the exhibitions. Not only large manufacturers such as Ufa knitted goods factory, but also small ones including tailoring shops are ready to provide visitors with clothes and shoes.

An integral part of fashionable image is interesting accessories. They are also represented in a great number at the exhibition. Jewels of precious metals and elite brand bijouterie are among them.

The exhibitions will work for 4 days. The culmination of the program will be gala show "Fashion time". It will commemorate the anniversary of Euro-Ufa-Asia Forum. Fashion designers will demonstrate their latest collections. For them Euro-Ufa-Asia is not only a show, but a training as well.