02 November 2009, Monday, 17:04

The plan of forest regeneration is ahead of the schedule

author: Elvira Latypova

Forest regeneration works on the territory of Bashkortostan were kept on the territory 10870 hectares in 2009, including 8470 hectares, regenerated artificially.

“The general condition of our seed and nursery forests allows providing the own needs of forest regeneration with high-quality seeds and planting stock completely” – the Minister of forestry RB Rajap Nabiullin reported at today’s meeting in Nizhniy Novgorod, dedicated to the theme “The results of work on forest regeneration and forest seed farming in Volga federal district”.

The total area of forests in Bashkortostan makes 6,3 million hectares – 44% of its territory: coniferous woods dominate on 22,7% of the forest fund and soft-leaved trees cover nearly 70% of the fund. The plan of forest regeneration works in Bashkortostan in 2009 is ahead of schedule. Bashkir forests are restored with the help of natural methods on the area 2400 hectares and 8470 hectares are restored artificially.

themes: forestry