30 October 2009, Friday, 12:42

Tugan Tel Channel successfully works and develops in Bashkortostan

author: Nail Iskandarov

In March of 2009, Tugan Tel Music Channel started its work in test mode. The new music channel, the founders of which are Ramil Ganeev and Flur Zubairov, aims at conservation of musical heritage of Bashkir, Tatar and other nations.

According to founders of the channel, the idea of "local MTV" was ripe long ago. "National culture also needs support" — they consider — "Young people should not be ashamed to speak their native language, that is why our primary goal is conservation of language in modern conditions, bringing it into fashion".

The twenty-four-hour channel includes programs rotating Bashkir and Tatar songs. It is also planned to introduce a news block, which will give coverage of show-biz news, information about new albums and coming events. Meetings with stars in live broadcast, educational programs for children, serials, talk shows are also planned in the near future.

"Many talented graduates of educational institutions with musical bias have no opportunity to fulfil themselves as musicians" — the founders of the channel say — "Starting this channel we hope to partly solve this problem, as it provides work for show-biz representatives".

The channel's founders express great thanks to the Administration of the President RB and to Sergey Nikolaevich Lavrentiev in particular for the assistance rendered in creation and development of the new TV channel.

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