28 October 2009, Wednesday, 12:18

Problem of infant death rate was discussed in Government of Bashkortostan

author: Elena Makushina

The problem of infant death rate was under discussion at the meeting of Government RB, held under chairmanship of the deputy Prime-Minister of Government RB, Minister of labor and population social protection RB Fidus Yamaltdinov.

Though the Republican authorities managed to reduce this index to 6,7 per 1000 kids born alive, in several regions of Bashkortostan this index still remains higher than the all-Republican one. Fidus Yamaltdinov reminded the index of infant death rate is one of the determining showings in the characteristics of population state of health and the level of medical care and directly influences upon the estimation of efficiency of work of municipal administrations.

In the course of the meeting it was noted by the results of nine months 2009 the indices of infant death rate in Bashkortostan were lower than in Russia on average. If the all-Russian index is equal to 8,1, in Bashkortostan it makes 6,7. The index of maternal mortality is also substantially lower: it is equal to 20,7 per 10000 in Russia and in Bashkortostan – 7,1.