26 October 2009, Monday, 17:55

Doctors advise to observe respiratory etiquette

author: Elena Makushina

According to the press-service of Ministry of Heath, the number of influenza and acute respiratory disease (ARD) cases is below the epidemic threshold.

At the same time all the possible measures are taken in the republic to minimize the consequences of the coming epidemic. Thus, within the national project "Health", 800 000 doses of influenza vaccine came to Bashkortostan. They are intended for people from "risk groups": medical and educational workers, children and pupils, elderly people over 60 years old. Overall, 1 400 000 residents of Bashkortostan are going to be inoculated against influenza in the course of vaccination campaign.

During the rise of influenza and ARD morbidity rate, doctors advise to observe "respiratory etiquette" — it is recommended to shield mouth and nose with a disposable handkerchief when coughing or sneezing and to wash hands.

themes: Public Health