25 October 2009, Sunday, 9:46

State Duma proposed to lower taxes for innovational small enterprises

author: Lubov Kolokolova

“We have to pass the federal law about innovational system of Russian Federation, where direct and indirect measures on state support for innovational enterprises have to be precisely indicated” – the chairman of State Duma committee on science and science-intensive technologies Valerie Chereshnev says.

“Scientific discoveries don’t yet represent either the innovational technologies or innovational business” – the chairman of State Duma sub-committee on technological development Ilya Ponomarev says. Although we have all prerequisites of innovational economics in Russia, there are the real problems, which hamper the switch to the innovational type of development and these problems in his opinion are: the inadequate legislative base, high level of corruption, low competitiveness of Russian goods in world markets, low level of Russia’s image as a reliable partner, expensive access to the key infrastructure and low level of life. The package of the legislative initiatives, formulated by the deputies, offers to reduce some limitations for those organizations, which would like to use the simplified taxation system. The matter is the necessity to raise the upper level of the annual income, which gives the right to use the simplified taxation system for innovational small enterprises – up to 200 million rubles. The tax rates have to be lowered from 6% to 3% within the frames of the simplified taxation system, in case the incomes are the taxation object and from 15% to 5% in case the incomes, reduced by the value of expenses are the object of taxation. One more proposal is to introduce the open list of expenses for those tax-payers, which are going to use the system “incomes minus expenses”, the news-agency “Alliance-Media” reports.