23 October 2009, Friday, 15:54

The film about tragedy of Bashkir village Seyantus

author: Alfia Agliullina

Republican Folk Art Center jointly with the producer Riaz Iskhakov is working over the creation of the historical musical “Seyantus”. The film is based on the true facts of Bashkir history. As the Folk Art Center reports the shooting is over for today and the producers started working in a studio: film cutting, sounding and processing.

The actions of the film happen in the village Seyantus. On January 17, 1736, this Bashkir village was burnt down by the punitive force of the cruel oppressor Alexei Tevkelev (Kutlu-Muchammad-Murza). More than1000 villagers were killed, including elders, women and kids.

themes: cinema