23 October 2009, Friday, 11:38

Conference of “United Russia” Bashkortostan’s division is opened in Ufa

author: Marina Shumilova | photo: Andrey Starostin

The conference of “United Russia” Bashkortostan’s division is opened in Ufa, the House of State Council-Kurultay-RB. About 400 delegates, introducing all local division of the party, are taking part in its work plus the chairman of State Council RB Constantine Tolkatchev, the head of Bashkir President Administration Nikolai Kurapov and the State Advisor under President RB, chairman of the Consultative Council of public organizations Sergey Lavrentiev.

New version of the party’s program, changes and additions in the party’s Regulations and activity of the regional and local divisions of “United Russia” within the period of the economic crisis will be under discussion at the conference. The party’s forum will nominate the delegates for the XI Congress of “United Russia”.

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