22 October 2009, Thursday, 18:06

Inmates of Petrovsky children's home won the all-Russian sports contest "Minor goodwill games"

author: Elmira Sabirova

The team of Petrovsky children's home represented Bashkortostan at the all-Russian sports contest "Minor good-will games" which took place in Krasnodar territory at a worthy level.

They competed with 10 teams from other Russian cities. The competition programme included table tennis, track and field athletics, street basketball, draughts and indoor soccer. It needs to note that sportsmen of Petrovsky children's home showed good results in all kinds of the competition programme.

According to Ministry for Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism, our girls took the first place in street basketball. The boys won the third prize-winning place in this kind of sports.

Bashkir sportsmen took the second place in table tennis and the third place in indoor soccer.

Vadim Semyonov was the winner in a 400 metres race. Bronze medallists of the competitions were Rozalia Allaberdina (long jump), Oksana Yarkeeva (ball throwing), our girls' team (relay race 4*100 metres), Michael Baldenko (draughts).

The total number of awards that the team of Petrovsky children's home won is 4 cups and 25 medals.

themes: Youth