22 October 2009, Thursday, 17:18

Prospects of cattle-breeding development were under discussion in Sharan

author: Mariat Artuhova

The results of work of cattle-breeding branch of Bashkortostan for nine months of the year were discussed in Sharansky region of the Republic today. The news-service of Ministry of agriculture RB reports participants of the meeting were talking about the main requirements on delivery of live cattle and poultry and meat and milk products. In the practical part of the gathering its participants have become acquainted with work of the mini-shops on milk and meat production, with the pig farm and the central milk farm of the company “SHARANAGROGAS”, with organization of milk collection from local villagers and its further treatment and bottling etc.

On October 23 similar meeting will be held in Salavatsky region of Bashkortostan.

themes: agriculture