21 October 2009, Wednesday, 18:25

Syntimir Bayazitov: “The all in all is to see happy eyes of children”

author: Elmira Sabirova | photo: Andrey Starostin

“The all in all is to see the happy eyes of the children” – the deputy head of Ufa administration Syntimir Bayazitov said, forestalling the solemn awarding ceremony of the city contest “The best foster family-2009” – “Today you are doing a very important job on children-rearing practices and you are the implementators of the city, Republican and federal programs, which goal is just one – a kid has to be reared in family”.

Syntimir Bayazitov expressed the words of gratitude to the parents, for whom the alien kids became their own.

“I wish all your families happy days and let your children become worthy citizens of our society and the successors of those good traditions, your parents lay on you” – the deputy head of Ufa administration said.

The first such contest has been held in 2007. “The main goal of our contest is to make everything possible for our society to become maximally open in the questions of family placement for the kids, left without parental care” – the head of wardship and guardianship Ufa administration department Milana Skorobogatova said.

The winners of the contest were rewarded with honorable diplomas and the prizes of Ufa administration at the rate of 50 thousand rubles. The prize-winners of the contest received 10 thousand rubles each.