21 October 2009, Wednesday, 14:29

Bashkir tax officials collected 133 billion rubles for Republican budget

author: Olga Gorunova

133 billion rubles of taxes, duties and other obligatory payments, administrated by the tax bodies, entered the budget system of Russian Federation for nine months 2009. As compared with the showings of the same period of time in 2008, the intakes reduced by 12,6%.

110.2 billion rubles entered the budgets of all levels (including the uniform social tax), i.e. by 14,6% less than in January-September 2008.

More than 39,4 billion rubles was transferred into the federal exchequer – by 36% less than one year before.

More than 53,1 billion rules entered the consolidated budget of Bashkortostan – 5,7% less.

The Republican exchequer received 42 billion rubles – 7,8% less as compared with January-September 2008.

11,1 billion rubles are transferred into the budgets of local municipalities – the growth made 2,9%.

The main share of the budgets of all levels is formed by the corporate tax (24,7 billion rubles), personal income tax (19,8 billion rubles, excises (18,6 billion), VAT (15,8 billion), severance tax (13,7 billion) and by the uniform social tax, coming into the federal budget (7,2 billion rubles), the news-service of the Federal Tax Service in Bashkortostan reports.

22,8 billion rubles entered the social off-budget funds – by 1,7% less than in 2008.

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