20 October 2009, Tuesday, 14:20

Delegates to the V Mordvinian Congress from Bashkortostan are determined

author: Nikolai Ermolenko

The delegates to the V Congress of Mordvinian nation, which is to be held in the capital of Mordvinia Saransk on October 28-31, are determined from Republic of Bashkortostan. The Bashkir delegation will be headed by the chairman of the Mordvinian national-cultural autonomy RB and the Association of Finno-Ugric nations RB, General Director of JSC “Sterlitamacsky bread-baking plant” Nikolai Gerasimov. The staff of the delegation includes Nina Antoshkina, Alexander Golovin, the secretary of the Mordvinian national-cultural autonomy RB Alevtina Karpova, manager from Sterlitamac Viktor Moiseev, the teacher of the secondary school Gennady Kuzmin, Uri Sergeev, the pedagogue of the Sterlitamacsky pedagogical college Valentine Tikhonova and director of the secondary school in Karmaskalinsky region RB Anatoly Builov.

Bashkortostan received nine places for its delegates of the Congress in accordance with the Mordvinian population in our Republic – about 26 thousand people.