19 October 2009, Monday, 17:58

Exhibition of graphic works devoted to drug abuse prevention has opened in Ufa

author: Liya Nagimova

Exhibition of works of a young Ufa artist Konstantin Mineev named "Anti" has opened in the library N6 of the Centralized system of Ufa mass libraries. The exposition includes more than 20 graphic sheets devoted to antidrug effort.

Konstantin Mineev is an active participant and award winner of different exhibitions devoted to struggle against drugs. According to the exhibition's organizers, a feeling of regret and anguish for moral death of young people is felt in the works of this young artist.

"The main thing is not to leave a drug user alone with his trouble. It is necessary to help him to get back to a normal life" — Konstantin says. His pictures are crying about it. They appeal not only to young people, but to their parents as well. The visitors can also look through literature devoted to problems of drub abuse prevention among children, teenagers and young people.

This exhibition is organized within the framework of the city contest of creative works devoted to counter-drugs prevention "I vote for life". Its organizers are Administration for culture and art of Ufa administration and municipal libraries of our capital.

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