19 October 2009, Monday, 14:40

The resume of the regional development for nine months

author: Mariat Artuhova

The resume of social-economic development of Bashkortostan for nine months 2009 was summed up by the Federal State Statistics Committee in RB. According to its information the circulation of the Republican organizations made 985,5 billion rubles. Nearly 1,4 million square meters of housing were put into operation in the Republic. The volume of agricultural production in January-September made about 79,7 billion rubles.

Transport turnover of goods reached 141 billion ton-kilometers.

The retail trade turnover was at the level of 310,8 billion rubles and wholesale trade – 255,3 billion.

The index of consumer prices for goods and services made 107,6% since the beginning of the year and the index of industrial production – 138,6%.

themes: statistics