16 October 2009, Friday, 15:15

Substation “ZATON” is put under voltage in Ufa

author: Olga Gorunova | photo: Oleg Yarovikov

The first turn of the system-forming substation 220/110/10KW “ZATON” is put under voltage in Ufa. The substation of the open type “ZATON” is built up on the left bank of Belaya-river near the micro-district of the 8th of March. In spite of the financial crisis power engineering specialists hasn’t stopped financing of the construction works and purchases of expensive equipment. The object was put into operation in the shortest terms.

The substation is rather compact and the area it occupies is just 3,3 hectares. The newest technologies, aimed at the rise of reliability in energy supply of the consumers, minimization of exploitation costs and minimal environment impact, were used in the course of its construction.

The system-forming substation “ZATON” has become one more step to the increase of reliability of energy supply for ultimate consumers and successful completion of the project proves high professionalism of all project’s participants. In opinion of power engineering specialists this segment of Bashkir energy system has to develop itself in this very direction – with the usage of high technologies and application of the equipment of a new generation.