16 October 2009, Friday, 14:25

Researches of Bashkir scientists were awarded Third Class Diploma at the European congress in Berlin

author: Elmira Sabirova

Bashkir professor Michael Dolmatov won the Third Class Diploma "Nanotech Europe 2009" at the European nanotechnology congress in Berlin. The professor of the Bashkir Institute of Social Technologies represented Baskir scientists at the forum.

In his report "Simple methods of discerning of the electronic structure of materials and molecules for nanoelectronics" Michael Yurievich presented the method of study of electronic structure of molecular devices and nanomaterials elaborated together with his students. The results of their work may be used in analysis of electronic structure of organic molecular transistors — the basic devices for future molecular computers. This work was highly appreciated by specialists and won a prestigious award.

It needs to mention that leading scientists, specialists and heads of major firms in the sphere of nanotechnologies took part in the congress.

themes: Education